Atracktiv is a family-owned business founded in Montreal by Julien, Richard and Stéphane Leblond. All three of us are entrepreneurs, but also piano tuners. In 2013, then owners of a music store, we inaugurated The Public Pianos, which are now part of the cultural DNA of Montreal. The desire to go further in the art of bringing people together led us to conceive Musical Bikes, another innovative success. It was then that we had a revelation: our mission would be to spread art and technology in a fun and interactive way. 

Since then, we have never stopped innovating by imagining unusual and participative experiences. But we haven’t been alone. We have surrounded ourselves with the best collaborators and freelancers (manufacturers, industrial designers, etc.), in addition to forming a strong internal team of experts.

Our company is growing and we are constantly looking for new talents to join our ambitious and professional team.

Stéphane Leblond
Sales and Creative Director
Julien Leblond
Creative and Innovation Director
Richard Leblond
Head of Operations
Sébastien Atoch
Head of Technology
Sabrina Nielsen
Graphic Designer and 3D Artist
Joël Lajoie-Corriveau
Software Developer