At Atracktiv, through the combination of movement and technology, we invite people to collaborate together and bring our playful and interactive experiences to life.

Our creative studio for new technologies and gaming content (musical, sound, narrative or visual tracks) makes us a unique link between artists, brands and the public.


  • Immersive Installations.
  • Experiential Marketing.
  • Video Games and Custom Installations.
  • Connected Objects and sensors.
  • Augmented Reality.
  • Smart 3D Visualization.
  • Web, Android and iOS applications.
  • LEDs mapping.


Thanks to many years of experience in the field of software development and R&D, we have acquired advanced technical skills in many languages and technologies, such as:

  • C/C++, C#, Obj-C, Swift, Java, ASM, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Apache, Nginx, SQL, Drupal, WordPress, Jekyll.
  • Visual Studio, X-Code, Code::Blocks, Git.
  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Micro-controllers, IoT.
  • Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, Consoles.
  • Unity, Openframeworks, Processing, OpenCV, OpenGL, WebGL, TouchDesigner, Adobe Suite, Sketch Up.
  • Madrix, Lightjams, ELM, OSC, DMX, sACN, ArtNet.
  • Ableton Live, Protools, Bitwig Studio, Logic Audio, Cubase, Midi, Max/MSP, PureData.
  • Reseautage TCP/UDP, DSP Audio, Codecs et encodage, Quartz Composer, Particle Designer, Cordova.
  • Intelligence Artificielle, 3D Visualization, LEDs Mapping, Motion Capture.
  • Kinect, Leap Motion and all kind of sensors.


We are proud to build a family business.

Stéphane Leblond

Sales and Creative Director.

Julien Leblond

Creative Director and Innovation.

Richard Leblond

Director of Operations.

Sébastien Atoch

Chief Technology Officer.